English Conversation On How to Book a Hotel Room

Have you ever hesitated to talk with the hotel manager because of your poor English conversation? Well, then this post is just for you. This post will help to improve your communication while reserving a hotel room.

Mr. Beckett is from a middle-class family and not a native English speaker. One day he planned to go on a vacation with his beautiful wife. So he called the manager of a hotel and read the conversation between them during the hotel room booking.

Video transcript

Receptionist: Hello, Good morning Sir, Welcome to The Peninsula Group Of Hotels!

Client: Hi, good morning.

Receptionist: How may I assist you, Sir?

Client: I wanted to inquire about the room reservation.

Receptionist: Yes please, when are you planning to visit Sir?

Client: I will be in the city on the 12th of this month.

Receptionist: A room for two Sir?

Client: Yes.

Receptionist: Sir, would you prefer one with twin beds or a double bed?

Client: Either of them would do.

Receptionist: And the accommodation is for how many days?

Client: Three nights and two days

Receptionist: Sir, what kind of room would you prefer, a deluxe room or an executive one?

Client: What are the prices for both?

Receptionist: The executive room costs around $490 plus taxes where’s the deluxe room would be $590 plus taxes. Besides, the deluxe room has a beautiful oceanic view.

Client: I would prefer a deluxe room.

Receptionist: By what name should I book the room?

Client: Mr. Beckett

Receptionist: Your contact number Sir?

Client: 666-92323

Receptionist: Sir, I would need your credit card details for further reservation.

Client: Yes, tell me what do you require?

Receptionist: I would need the credit card number and type

Client: It is a visa card with number: 4134561111311156.

Receptionist: And under whom is the card registered?

Client: I am the cardholder.

Receptionist: Ok, Sir! So, a deluxe room has been booked for 12th of this month under the name Mr. Beckett.
Check-in is at 12 o’clock. In case of additional queries, you can always call us.

Client: Thank You!

Receptionist: Is there anything else you want to know?

Client: Nothing as of now.

Receptionist: Ok, Sir. It was nice talking to you. Have a nice day.

Client: Same to you

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