How Book/Reservation Air Ticket? How To Inquiry About Air Ticket?

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This Video is about Airport Ticket Reservation + Seat inquiry 

Video Transcript

Attendant: Hello, how may I help you sir

Customer: Hi, I am looking to board the next flight to Delhi. So, can you help me with seat availability 

Attendant: Sure, sir

Attendant: May I know how many of you are traveling? 

Customer: It’s just me. 

Attendant: Would you prefer a multi-stop flight? 

Customer: It would be better if you can give me a seat on a direct flight. 

Attendant: Sorry, sir. As I see in the system, the next flight is scheduled two hours from now which is around 2:45 pm but that’s totally occupied. 

Customer: And after that? 

Attendant: Then, you can board the flight at 7:45 pm.

Customer: And when is the flight with multiple stops? 

Attendant: Sir, that is scheduled at 3:10 pm. It has one stop in between and you can reach Delhi by 7:20 pm. 

Customer: Well, in this case, make a reservation in this one. 

Attendant: Sure, sir

Attendant: Your good name, sir 

Customer: Nitin Goenka. 

Attendant: Your age, please. 

Customer: 28

Attendant: Sir, your contact number, please. 

Customer: 9992224242

Attendant: Ok, so here you are. A reservation is made under the name of Mr. Nitin Goenka, from Bangalore to Delhi departing at 3:10 pm. 

Attendant: Is that ok, sir? 

Customer: Yes. 

Attendant: How would you like to pay sir? 

Customer: Credit card. 

Attendant: Can I have that, please. 

Customer: Yes, here it is. 

Attendant: Thank you, sir. 

Attendant: You would have received a confirmation message along with the flight details. 

Customer: Just let me check. 

Customer: Yes, I have received, thank you! 

Attendant: Anything else, sir? 

Customer: No, thank you. 

Attendant: Hope you have a great journey. 

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