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Video Transcript

User: Excuse me.
Customer Desk: Yes.

User: I am planning to take-home loan. Can you please let me know the procedures and eligibility criteria?
Customer Desk: Yes, sure.

Customer Desk: See, as far as home loan is concerned, you need to be of minimum 18 years of age. Which I suppose you are?
User: Yes.

Customer Desk: Ok, are you a salaried individual or self-employed?
User: Salaried.

Customer Desk: Ok, so for the salaried individual, we need to know your income, your property value and the tenure of the loan.
User: Ok, my income is 60 thousand in hand, and the property value would be between 50-60 lakhs. I am planning to repay in 10 years.

Customer Desk: Ok, do you have any existing loan?
Users: No, this is my first loan.

Customer Desk: When are you planning to take the loan?
Users: Next month.

Customer Desk: Ok, whenever you come, do bring your salary slip of the last three months, IT file of three years, an address proof, age proof, id proof, and property documents.
Customer Desk: Also, you need to fill an application form for the same.

User: Can I have that form?
Customer Desk: Yes, you can. You will find the list of documents required, at the back of the form. So, carry them along with you.

User: Ok, thank you.
Customer Desk: This is my card, you can call me if you have any issues
User: Ok.

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