How To Ask For Information In English | Telephonic English Conversation | Talk On Phone In English

Video Transcript:

Ryan: Hello.
Jack: Hi, how may I help you?

Ryan: I was interested in a property posted by you.
Jack: Oh great. Tell me what else do you wish to know.

Ryan: Could you please specify the exact location?
Jack: The house is in South Hamptons. It a South face opened bungalow.

Ryan: Is that somewhere near the beach?
Jack: No actually, it is midway in the city.

Ryan: Ok.
Ryan: Can we arrange a visit?

Jack: Yea sure. I am free next Sunday, if you too have time then we are good to go.
Ryan: Yea, it suits me too

Jack: Shall we meet by 5
Ryan: A little early would be better. Maybe around 3?

Jack: Ok, that works too.
Ryan: Thanks, Jack.

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