How to ask for Key Replacement? English Conversation On Hotel key Replacement.

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Lost your room key? Confused on how to ask for Key Replacement? Check out this English Conversation.

Hotel Room Key Misplace and talk in English with the hotel manager. Don’t worry read ‘Hotel Key Replacement’ English Conversation. Hotel basic English Communication.

Video Transcript:

Help Desk: Hello Sir!

Visitor: Hi, I need help.

Help Desk: Any problem Sir?

Visitor: Yes, I think I have misplaced my key card. Can you please help me get in my room or provide me with a duplicate one?

Help Desk: Yes I can do that but I guess Sir you were notified about terms and conditions at the time of check-in?

Visitor: Yes I am aware of that.

Help Desk: So, issuing another card would cost you 100rs and you are ok with that, right?

Visitor: Yes, I am ok with it.

Help Desk: May I know your room number?

Visitor: Yes, D324.

Help Desk: I would have to see your id, Sir. Can I have one?

Visitor: Yea, here it is.

Help Desk: Thanks, Sir! Wait for a minute, I will arrange a duplicate card.

Visitor: Yea, sure.

Help Desk: Here Sir, this is your duplicate card.

Visitor: Oh, that’s great, thank you.

Visitor: Do I need to pay the amount now?

Help Desk: As you wish Sir, you can pay now or we can adjust the same in the final bill.

Visitor: Ok then, let’s keep it for the final one.

Help Desk: Sure, Sir.

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