How To Ask Room Service?? English Conversation On Hotel Room Service

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English Conversation For Hotel Room Service. How to order food & beverage in own room which in English. Hotel room service basic English Communication.

Video TranScript

Room Service: Hello, room service.

Guest: Hi, I would like to place an order.

Room Service Service: Sure mam. What would you like to have Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Continental?

Guest: Indian.

Room Service Service: Sure Sir, Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian?

Guest: Vegetarian.

Room Service Service: Sure Sir, I will promptly have our Indian vegetarian dishes of the day sent to you. You can choose and let the waiter know.

Guest: Ok, that’s great.

Room Service Service: Your room number?

Guest: D324

Knock At The Door: May I come in.

Guest: Yes, please

Waiter: You may have a look at the menu, Sir.

Guest: Yes sure.

Guest: Places the order

Waiter: Sure Sir, Anything else?

Guest: Yes, please bring an extra plate and a cup.

Waiter: Sure, Sir.

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