How To Asking For Job Vacancy. English Conversation On Job Interview.

Asking for a job vacancy (Telephonic)

Video Transcript

Receptionist: Hello, good morning!  This is Nivedita from XYZ PVT LTD. How can I help you? 

Candidate: Hi, this is Nitin. I was going through an advertisement in the classified section of The Telegraph. It said you have a certain vacancy for a Software engineer.  Is the job still open? 

Receptionist: Yes, we are looking for a Software engineer. 

Receptionist: May I know your full name, please? 

Candidate: It’s Nitin Das. 

Receptionist: May I know your qualifications and work experience? 

Candidate: I am a Computer Engineer with two years of work experience.

Receptionist: Ohh great! Sounds really good

Receptionist: Well Nitin we are looking for someone who can join immediately, is that possible for you? 

Candidate: Yes, I can do that. 

Receptionist: Ohk, then shall I schedule an interview for you? 

Candidate: Yes, please.

Receptionist: Where are you from? 

Candidate: Ahmedabad

Receptionist: You are currently in Ahmedabad? 

Candidate: Yes, but I can travel to Mumbai for the interview. 

Receptionist: Ok, then please be in the Marin Drive branch of our company on the following Saturday by 11 am. 

Candidate: Ok sure. 

Receptionist: Please carry all the necessary documents with you. 

Candidate: Ohk. 

Candidate: Who do I need to refer? 

Receptionist: Walk straight into the reception, you will find me. 

Candidate: Thank You, Ms. Nivedita. 

Receptionist: Please be on time. 

Candidate: Yea I will be there. 

Receptionist: Ok, thank you.  

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