How To Cancel Hotel Booking In English | Telephonic English Conversation | How To Talk With Manager

Video Transcript:

Client: Hi.
Hotel: Hi, Welcome To Astor Group of Hotels. I am Nitin, how can I help you?

Client: I booked a family room for 28th of this month. I want to cancel that.
Hotel: Any problem sir?

Client: Nothing related to you.
Hotel: Sir, but according to our policy if you cancel a room two days before, you would need to pay 10% of the entire amount.

Client: Yes, I am aware of that.
Hotel: Ok sir. May I know your name, please?

Client: Javi Gates
Hotel: Just a moment sir.

Client: Yes sure.
Hotel: So, sir you booked a family room for 28th and for three nights. Right?

Client: Yes
Hotel: So, sir you would need to pay $170 as the fee.

Client: You have my card details, you can deduct from there.
Hotel: Ok sir

Client: Yea, approved
Hotel: Thank you, sir.

Client: Thanks
Hotel: Have a good day sir.

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