How To Communicate With Colleagues? English Conversation On JoB Interview

Video Transcript

Nitin: Hey Ayush, I am stuck in this, can you please help. 

Ayush: Yea, what’s the problem?

Nitin:  I have checked the code but still there is an error every time I run this on the tool. 

Ayush: Did you check the pins? 

Nitin: No

Ayush: See, it has to be put on 0, you placed it on 1.

Ayush: It’s working now. 

Nitin: Oh God. So stupid of me. I have been working on this since the past 1 hour. 

Ayush: It’s ok, it happens. You can always ask me. 

Ayush: So, how’s this place? 

Nitin: Nice. 

Ayush: Better than your previous job? 

Nitin: Yea sort of. 

Ayush: Yes yes, it looks good during the initial stages. 

Nitin: True that. 

Ayush: Come, we will go for lunch. 

Nitin: Yea, one minute I will be coming. 

Nitin: Yea, let’s go. 

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