How To Crack Job Interview with HR. English Conversation On Job Interview.

The Job Interview with HR

Video Transcript

Candidate: Hello ma’am. 

HR: Hi, Nitin! How are you doing?

Candidate: I am good ma’am, thank you. 

HR: Great

HR: I hope you have heard about clearing the technical round? 

Candidate: Yes ma’am

HR: So, how much salary do you expect? 

Candidate: I don’t know ma’am. 

HR: Still you would have some expectations right? 

HR: Ok, what percent of the hike do you anticipate? 

Candidate: At least 50%.

HR: Ok Nitin, we have decided that based on the job experience, your skills, and knowledge, your CTC would be 12LPA. 

Candidate: Okay ma’am. That’s beyond my expectations. 

HR: Great

Candidate: Thanks, ma’am.  

HR: Yea but you need to take care of few things.

Candidate: Like? 

HR: Our office timing starts from 10 am and you need to serve a minimum of 8 hours every day. Falling short of which, your day would be considered as a half day. 

HR: You are granted a total of 10 leaves in a quarter and the following one would account for salary deduction. 

Candidate: How much ma’am? 

HR: That would be given in the offer letter 

Candidate: Ok ma’am. 

HR: I hope the job profile is clear to you? 

Candidate: Yes, ma’am. 

HR: Do you have any questions? 

Candidate: No ma’am, I am fine. 

HR: So, are you willing to accept the offer? 

Candidate: Yes, ma’am. I am ok with the said offer along with the rules I need to abide. 

HR: Great then. I will send you a mail with all the details and the offer letter. Testify the same and send it back. After that, we can move forward with the process. 

HR: What is the notice period of your current company?

Candidate: Ma’am 30 days. 

HR: Ok, in the, trailing mail please give a suitable date of joining. 

Candidate: Ok Ma’am. 

HR: Have a good day. 

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