How To Check Out From Hotel? English Conversation On Hotel Check Out

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Hotel Check out process. How to talk in English with the hotel manager while checkout from the hotel. Don’t worry watch ‘Hotel Check Out’ English Conversation. Learn Hotel basic English Communication, Hotel English Conversation, and English Conversation Topic. We help you to Improve Your English and Energize Your Conversation.

Video Transcript:

Help Desk: How was your stay, Sir?

Visitor: Oh, it was great!

Help Desk: Is there anything you would want us to improve?

Visitor: No no, everything is good.

Visitor: Have you booked my airport drop service?

Help Desk: Yes Sir, it will here soon.

Visitor: Ok, I am here in the lobby, let me know when it has arrived.

Help Desk: Sure Sir! Meanwhile could you please sign our guestbook?

Visitor: Yea, definitely.

Help Desk: Thanks, Sir! And the cab has arrived too.

Visitor: Oh, that’s great, can you just arrange someone who would keep my bag in the car.

Help Desk: Oh yes, there he will help you.

Visitor: Thank You!

Help Desk: Thank You, Sir, hope to see you again.

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