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Video Transcript:

Interviewer: Hello Rahul. Hope you are doing good.
Interviewee: Hi Akshay, I am fine, how about you?

Interviewer: Same here.
Interviewer: I will have my colleague, Nitin join the conversation so we can move forward with the interview.

Nitin: Hello
Rahul: Hi

Akshay: So Nitin let’s start with the interview.
Nitin: Yea, Rahul right?

Rahul: Yes.
Nitin: Rahul, where do you work currently?How to prepare for a telephonic interview

Rahul: I am in a service-based IT company.
Nitin: And what is your role there?

Rahul: I am basically a developer working in the company past three years.
Nitin: Front end or back end?

Rahul: Back end.
Nitin: Oh, and which languages have you worked on earlier?

Rahul: I excel in Java. Apart from this, I have had experience in C++.
Nitin: So Nitin what do you think of the technology that would be best to work on?

Rahul: Being a java developer I would vouch for the same. The fact that it is object-oriented,
Nitin: Well, the other one is also OOPS based.

Rahul: Yea but the library set if vast as compared to others. Built-in classes and packages make it easier to embed them and save a lot of time. I mean when the idea is same why rewrite it again. Simply call the package and move forward.
Nitin: Seems you have sound knowledge on this.

Rahul: Yea, sort of.
Nitin: What if you need to put some efforts on front end development? Will you be able to do that?

Rahul: If required, I would definitely learn and apply. After all, knowledge is always power.
Nitin: Great and with this I think I am done with the questions. Do you have anything to ask Akshay?

Akshay: No I am fine. It seems he knows exactly what we expect him to.
Rahul: Thanks.

Nitin: So, Rahul our HR will call you for further discussion on salary and joining date.
Rahul: Ok great.

Nitin: Ok then, Good to have you in our team.
Rahul: Same here.

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