How To Speak English At Hotel? | Daily English Conversation | How To Talk In English At Restaurant

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Video Transcript:

Waiter: Hi Sir, Good Evening. How can I help You?
Rob: I would like a table for two, please.
W: ofcourse. Please Follow me. Please have a seat.

W: What would you like to place an order?
Rob: Could you give us a menu, please?
W: Yes! Here it is.

Rob: Get me a Nutella sandwich and coffee.
Christian: Make that two.

Rob: This is one of the best places that serve Nutella.
Christian: Oh, really. I never had that before.
Rob: What are you saying? You will love it.
Christian: Is it?
Rob: Yes, definitely.

Waiter: Here is your order, Sir.
Rob: Thank You

Christian: This is so delicious.
Rob: Yea, it is so yummy.

Waiter: Would like to have anything else, Sir?
Rob: No, bring in the bill.

Christian: I am glad I came in here with you today.
Rob: Yeah, it’s my pleasure.

Waiter: Sir, bill
Rob: Thank You. Here, take it.
Waiter: Thank You, Sir.

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