How To Talk About Past Experience In English. English Conversation On Job interview

Past Experience

Video Transcript

Recruiter: Rahul according to your resume you have an experience of 4+ years. Can you brief me on what projects have you worked on? 

Candidate: Ma’am, at the time I started it was simply an IP verification task but then as time passed I learned to apply what I know. 

Recruiter: And what’s that? 

Candidate: I built a script that would automate the task of verification on tools. Instead of manually checking thousands of entries, now all I need to do is run the script and let the rest happen on its own. 

Recruiter: That’s good. 

Candidate: Thank you, Ma’am! 

Recruiter: You have worked for two companies before, may I know the reason behind such prompt switching? 

Candidate: Ma’am, I reckon that it’s better to change than to adjust to a place where you are of no value. 

Recruiter: And how am I supposed to decode this? 

Candidate: Ma’am, I worked in the first company for a matter of one month. And then I realized it was more of a mediating job. I simply had to transfer papers and files. And that wasn’t something that would please me. So, I preferred a change. And it was for the good. 

Recruiter: Ohk then, we are done for now. Let’s see how this turns out. 

Candidate: Thank you, Ma’am. 

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