How To Talk On Phone | Advance Hotel Booking In Egnlish | Telephonic English Conversation

Video Transcript:

Receptionist: Hello, Good morning Sir, Welcome to The Peninsula Group Of Hotels!
Client: Hi, good morning.

Receptionist: How may I assist you, Sir?
Client: I wanted to inquire about the room reservation.

Receptionist: Yes please, when are you planning to visit Sir?
Client: I will be in the city on the 12th of this month.

Receptionist: A room for two Sir?
Client: Yes.

Receptionist: Sir, would you prefer one with twin beds or a double bed?
Client: Either of them would do.

Receptionist: And the accommodation is for how many days?
Client: Three nights and two days

Receptionist: Sir, what kind of room would you prefer, a deluxe room or an executive one?
Client: What are the prices for both?

Receptionist: The executive room costs around $490 plus taxes where’s the deluxe room would be $590 plus taxes. Besides, the deluxe room has a beautiful oceanic view.
Client: I would prefer a deluxe room.

Receptionist: By what name should I book the room?
Client: Mr. Beckett

Receptionist: Your contact number Sir?
Client: 666-92323

Receptionist: Sir, I would need your credit card details for further reservation.
Client: Yes, tell me what do you require?

Receptionist: I would need the credit card number and type
Client: It is a visa card with number: 4134561111311156.

Receptionist: And under whom is the card registered?
Client: I am the cardholder.

Receptionist: Ok, Sir! So, a deluxe room has been booked for 12th of this month under the name Mr. Beckett. Check-in is at 12 o’clock. In case of additional queries, you can always call us.
Client: Thank You!

Receptionist: Is there anything else you want to know?
Client: Nothing as of now.

Receptionist: Ok, Sir. It was nice talking to you. Have a nice day.
Client: Same to you

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