How To Talk With Air Hostess? English Conversation On Airport.

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Talk with air hostess ( for any help or questions)

Video Transcript

Air Hostess: How may I help you Sir?

Person A: Can I have a glass of water.

Air Hostess: Yes! What would you prefer? Normal Or mineral?

Person A: I would like to have normal water.

Air Hostess: would you like to have some snacks?

Person A: What type of snacks you have?

Air Hostess: We have Veg and Non-veg. What would you like to have?.

Person A: I would Like veg

Air Hostess: okay! Would you please check the menu list and place the order?

Person A: yes! I would like to have one grill sandwich.

Air Hostess: okay! Thank you for choosing!AH: Have a Good Flight, Sir

Person A: Thank you

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