How To Talk With Your Friend In English | Telephonic English Conversation | Normal Talk On Phone

Telephonic Conversation

Video Transcript:

Ayush: Hey, what’s up?
Ayesha: Hey, nothing much. Preparing for the maths test.

Ayush: You started studying? I haven’t yet touched a single topic?
Ayesha: Why? Aren’t you concerned about the test?

Ayush: Yes, yes, I will do.
Ayesha: It’s just 3 days before the test.

Ayush: Oh, that’s too much.
Ayesha: Good for you.

Ayush: Are you coming to the birthday party tonight?
Ayesha: Haven’t thought of it. Let’s see if I can make it.

Ayush: Let’s go, we will have fun.
Ayesha: I need to study but,

Ayush: Oh, common, it’s just two hours. We will be back by 9 pm
Ayesha: Ohk, fine. I will come along.

Ayush: Great, see you at your place then.
Ayesha: Cool

Ayush: What time?
Ayesha: 6:30

Ayush: Ok then, cya.
Ayesha: See you.

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