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Introduction about your self

Video Transcript

Candidate: Good morning ma’am. 

Recruiter: Good morning Rahul, Please have a seat. 

Candidate: Thank you. 

Recruiter: Well, look a beautiful day. 

Candidate: Yeah. 

Recruiter: So, Rahul tell me about yourself! 

Candidate: Ma’am, I am an electronics engineer. I graduated from Delhi University, the batch of 2012. I was a state champion in badminton. And I topped in my high school. The fact that I am open to challenges and have a curiosity to know more, helped me reach up to such a position. Never quitting attitude and the ability to gel in a varied environment has added versatility to my journey.

Recruiter: Last question,  why should we hire you? 

Candidate: Ma’am, I have an ability to change myself working on my weaknesses to turn them into my strengths and who else could be better for verification than someone who can track errors and bring the functioning back in line? 

Recruiter: I must say, you have truly worked on yourself. So, it was good to have a conversation with you. Hope to see you again. 

Candidate: I hope your hope turns true. Thank you, Ma’am. 

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